Have you ever wished you could add humor to your presentations that felt natural and easy to you? Then you need...

Unleashing Your Inner Comedian! The Art of Being Funny Without Telling Jokes

Guess what? You (yes you) are funny! You just may not know it yet...In this audio program, you will use ideas and lessons from improvisational comedy to remove your "humor blocks," discover and develop your own natural senses of humor, and then learn techniques to weave that humor into your presentations.

After going through this 80 minute audio program, you will be able to:

  • Develop and use appropriate humor that is authentic and natural for you

    Some topics are inherently funny; many aren't. By learning how to add appropriate humor to serious topics, you become a more powerful and more marketable speaker.

  • Get Past Your Own Internal Filters and Generate Funny Material - All On Your Own!

    All people are creative and funny, society may have just beat the creativity out of them. With just a few simple techniques, you can reconnect with the wellspring of humor and creativity inside of you.

  • "Find the funny" in every situation and story automatically and without struggle

    By conditioning yourself to look at the world in a certain way, you move from needing to "write jokes" to simply "being funny." This makes life a lot easier and it is not an innate skill. It can (and will be) taught!

  • Add humor to every story and presentation you make without writing "jokes"

    There's nothing wrong with jokes, but unless you are a full on comedian or humorist, your best bet is not to write jokes, but rather to punch up the humor in your existing material by applying the 5 humor principles covered in the program

  • Build your "humor foundation"

    All the comedy techniques in the world will be useless if you haven't cultivated your natural humor and figured out what your "comedic gift" is. Once you have discovered those things, everything else comes much easier.

Here is some of what is covered in the program:

  • How to find and cultivate your natural creativity
  • The difference between telling jokes and telling stories (and which you'll want to do)
  • Two techniques to quickly and easily bypass your internal mental filters
  • Simple things you can do to "develop your funny bone"
  • 5 humor principles you van use to add the funny to your existing material
  • How to add humor to sensitive topics by telling unrelated but funny stories
  • Ways to add a little emotion to your material to add impact and humor
  • How to easily find ways to punch up the delivery of your stories and content
  • And more!

What's in the Program?

This program consists of an almost 80 minute audio interview in instantly downloadable MP3 format. In addition to the MP3, you will get a short page PDF handout to help you keep track and take notes throughout the program.

Your investment

Just $27. That's right - you can learn all you need to unleash your inner comedian for just $27!

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In this program, you will learn how to find, unleash, and develop your own natural sense of humor. You will also learn ways of weaving that humor into your presentations. Whether you are a professional speaker being paid to speak, an employee who needs to make presentations for work, or someone just starting out as a speaker, you can benefit from learning to tap your sense of humor!

This program alone sells $37, and is included when you buy "Unleashing Your Inner Comedian!"

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About the Presenter

Avish Parashar has been teaching, performing, and directing improv comedy for over 18 years. He founded and served as both business manager and artistic director of Polywumpus Improv Comedy in Philadelphia for its entire seven year run. Avish has performed improv comedy on national TV, including on FOX's "NFL Under the Helmet," and TLC's "A Dating Story"

For the last seven years, Avish has been working as a professional speaker and motivational humorist, and also runs a funny personal development blog. Avish also has a series of products, workshops, and services to help people be better, more authentic, and yes, even funnier speakers!

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